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The Mindano football system is a fictional experimental football simulation which has been ongoing since 2004. Every element of the simulation - the teams, the results, even the host country - is a product of imagination, which is not intended to clash with any real-life source. With the exception of this section, all content on the wiki is written from an "in-universe" point of view, which is to say there is no further mention of the fictionality of the contents - all information is presented as historical fact.

The history of the league is currently in the middle of a process of "tidying up" - due to the haphazard nature of the first decade, there was a great deal of clutter and conflicting information. The aim of the clean-up is to remove the clutter and create a consistent "canon", drawing on but not beholden to things that took place in one or more versions of the history. The clean-up is being undertaken chronologically, and is currently up to 1995.

A number of the club logos presented here feature elements taken from images found on Google. Some of the logos date back to 2010, rendering it difficult if not impossible to retroactively track down the sources for attribution - as a disclaimer here, no copyright is intended to be stolen: with the exception of this wiki, the only use the logos have is my own private use. That said, should the original artist of any of the elements request it, I am happy to replace any given logo with something new.

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A work in progress - I will provide a list of major pages once there are significant pages to list.

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